Tuesday, 30 June 2009


well, its now 4 days until i leave for Ibiza.

Im still very consious about getting into a bikini, especially with my vile legs! ive worked out as hard as i could these past few months and ate as well as i could.

i really wish i could of been comfortably within the next stone mark for it as it would of just gave me that extra little boost. you never know though, my weigh in on friday could suprise me. i'd love to loose over 1lb this week!

im planning on eating right on holiday - there's NO WAY im coming back 2/3lbs heavier, ive worked bloody hard these past four weeks to go piling it all back on!.

Right i've upped some of my weights so i need to log it so i dont forget:


lower body:
seated leg press = 91KG 12/12/12
leg curl back machine = 15KG 12/12/12
leg curl up machine = 15KG 12/12/12
split squats = 20KG dumbs 12/12/12
straight leg deadlifts = 16KG dumbs 12/12/12
step ups = 20KG dumbs 12/12/12

upper body:
chest press = 16KG dumbs 12/12/12
lawnmower one! = 10KG dumbs 12/12/12
Latmachine = 35KG 12/9/10
shoulder press = 12KG dumbs 12/12/12
biceps = 16KG dumbs 8/8/10
triceps = 11.5KG machine 12/12/12

Wednesday, 24 June 2009

WHOOP WHOOP!!!!!!!!!!

I completed my FIRST ever Race for Life 10K on Sunday.

It was a muggy day and the course was hard. It was around Hartpury College Gloucester and it involved lots and lots of hills, potholes, long grass and stoney paths!

Battled through the pain and managed a decent time of 57.03.3! VERY please with myself.

Next up - Glos City 10K, 20th September. Im going to challange myself to get a 52 min 10K as ill be in full training for a half marathon by then and I should be the fittest of my life by this point! Fingers crossed ill have shed at least 7/10lbs by this point so should feel the benefits of weight loss helping me around the course.

14th July is when the hard training begins. Just 16 weeks before my first ever half marathon. Its going to be a killer getting back into training from a week of partying on Ibiza!!!!

Thursday, 18 June 2009

full body weights sessions involve...


seated leg press = 62.5KG
lunges = 20KG
split squats = 20KG
straight leg deadlifts = 16KG

chest press = 16KG
lawnmower one! = 10KG
lat machine = 35KG

biceps = 16KG
triceps = 8KG

my first blog

not quite sure what to write...

having read others blogs i decided i would write one myself to help me on my mission of training for a half marathon.

ive always been very sporty and always loved working out. i never quite got my diet right to keep my body in the best shape possible therefore when i joined WLR in Janurary I vowed to myself that this was it and i am going to get the body i want and deserve.

After several weeks doing spin classes, circuit training and even body pump i thought i'd try running. On 20/03/09 i went for my first 2 mile run and i was hooked!

got my first pair of running trainers and socks and there was no stopping me!

after several weeks running approx 15 mile per week (3/3/3/6) i am due to run my first ever 10K race and am VERY nervous about it! i think its just the thought of my family and boyfriend are acutually going to be there to watch - arghhhh! im extreemly competitive too and if i dont get a 'good' time ill be really dissapointed in myself.

im hoping to complete the course in under 60 mins - 55 mins ideally! (9 min miles)

thats it for now but i will try and update each day....