Wednesday, 21 October 2009

hungry bunny this week!

still on 1100+ ex but i do tend to go over most days by 100or200 but thats fine as im still eating less than a few weeks ago.

feel slimmer this week, especially around my tummy area. it feels dead trim and getting back to how i want it to feel and look.

my nutrition has been spot on and im very confident about succeeding in my goal weight loss for my hols on 27th November.

this weeks stats:

Percent Calories From:

Carbohydrate (55.1%)
Protein (15.8%)
Fat (29.1%)
Alcohol (0%)

an average of 1949 calories per day = lbs lost TBC on friday

Last weeks stats:

Percent Calories From:

Carbohydrate (54.5%)
Protein (12.1%)
Fat (33.4%)
Alcohol (0%)
an average of 2139 calories per day = 1.25lb lost!

I have my HM on Sunday and i have to say, im pooing my pants - big styley!!
im not sleeping right, i keep waking at 4am and cant get back off - thats sooo not like me :-(

Looking forward to carb loading on Friday and Saturday ready for the big day! illl do maintenance as a minimum on these days to bulk up engery wise before the race! i found it really helps my performance in 10K events at least, even if it doesnt help my waist line or bloated face!!!

thats all for now and ill blog on monday after my race - arghhhhhhh!

Wednesday, 14 October 2009

all is well, Day 13 of 56

missed blogging for days 9 - 12 but all is going well

Saturday i ate out for my lunch with family. chose a club sandwich, chicken and bacon, it came with chips. i was starving after my 11 mile run, without fuel (bad girl i know) but within two bites i was stuffed. i ate about 50% of the chips and 3 sandwiches and gave the forth away to my mum!

sunday was a DISASTER. I had a major blow out session all day long. i dont know why but it happened am im over it now. i logged every single calorie on WLR and i havent been clawing back the 3000ish cals but i have been lowering my fat all week to try and even it all out and doing a good job so far. fat percentage for week so far is 34% with one day left to claw back a little more!

off the top of my head i think i had about 120g of fat in one day - shocking i know!! but thats donuts, flapjack, toblerone 200g for you. BAD BAD STUFF.

MONDAY, then brought a new day and a line drawn under the badness. i felt crap in the monring because of my 'sugar hangover' but i reminded myself of my goal and even though i blew one day it didnt mean i had to blow the whole week =)

i looked at my food and planned three days ahead with very similar food each day. its gone sooo well so far and im feeling good right now three days after. this is the first week in ages ive felt like im on a diet, but thats good i feel as it means im not sneeking the odd bar of brown stuff in -just because ive ran 6 miles doesnt mean i can have a kitkat chunky!!

monday - weds have consisted of:

2 weetabix
ski yoghurt
oat bar
soup, bread roll
custard pot
jacket pot with beans (no cheese - get me being good!!)
oat bar

Day 13;
i bought some running tights today which are needed for my HM next week. They've got those high vis stripes on to help people spot me on my dark morning/evening runs and a VERY pink high vis long sleeved top - im gunna look soooooooo pretty in them. the tights are awful and my thighs are HUGE in them, the top fits nice and slightly loose to compensate on the extra tight bottom half!! ill be training in them tonight so might get OH to take a picture just so i can laugh at myself in them tomorrow when i load the picture LOL


Friday, 9 October 2009

Day 8, weigh in

0.75lbs down, 0.5inch off wasit!

was hopeing more of a loss but a loss is a loss as they say! perhaps next weeks might be better? heres hopeing!!!!

nothing major to report today, walked to work and back as my exercise, 3 miles total.

slipped up at lunchtime as i was a bit peed off with my slow weight loss. was supposed to have covent garden soup and roll but had kitkat chuncky and double decker - WTF. why do i sabbotage myself???????????????????

well ive logged my food in diary and with tomorrows 11mile run im fine on calories just peed off with the amount of fat/crap i put into my body.

oh well, i did this last week and ended up comforting myself with a chinese, noodles and rice with sweet and sour sauce in the evening. but this week im making a yummy lasagne when i get in. that wil be tonights dinner and tomorrows as i make such a lovely big one. infact, ill take a picture of it and load it up on monday when im next at my computer.

anyway, im just rambelling now!!!!!!!

new 11 mile route to run tomorrow. ive been dreading it for days but right now im really looking forward to it. i wonder if its because ive promissed myself that im taking my mp3 with me to ease the pain!!

will log on monday exactly how my weekend pans out.

all good intensions though..............

Thursday, 8 October 2009

day 7 - my 1st week recap

1. ive felt good and happy this week.

2. struggled to get out of bed most mornings, think its gunna be hard getting used to the dark again

3. been bored of my breakfasts, crappy toast, i never have toast but this week its all ive had as i havnet had any weetabix in or porrdige or many eggs - must food shop at lunchtime or this evening

4. really enjoyed having pasta back in my diet

5. not pigged on or craved chocolate. yes ive had a bar or two but all under control and no binges.

6. payed off holiday in full - whoooop. a big weight off my shoulders!!!

7. not done any form of weight training and ive REALLY missed it.

8. not walked the dogs as much, actually at all apart from tuesday - ooops. ill correct that next week. well, from tomorrow morning actually!

9. arragned to go for a lovely lunch with my sister, mum and niece and nephew on saturday

10. managed to fit in all planned runs but legs are telling me off right now. could do with a sports massage really but ill try and hold out until the week f 19th oct just before my HM


Thursdays plan:

toast, butter
muller rice
chicken and vege soup, roll
pasta, pesto, onions, corgettes, cheese

1100+ 40 min swim = 1500

1600 cals eaten but not worried about being over by 100 cals or so. its still less than i was eating over the past few months.

Weigh-in tomorrow and looking forard to a decent loss. i definately feel lighter.....!


Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Day 6, unmotivated at work

last night i went off the rails!!!!!!!!!!!!! not food wise, that was fine and delicious! i skipped a training session!!!!!!!!! that is soooooo not like me! and i didnt feel guilty and i still dont LOL :-p

had a lovely evening vegein on the sofa with my poochies but about 9pm i could tell Lily wanted to come over to me for a cuddle but she couldnt seem to pick herself up. i imediately knew something was wrong. i stood up and tried to persuade her over to me and she still wouldnt move. I panicked and didnt know what to do. so i picked her up (such a lump - 25KG ish) and placed her on the floor. her tail was wagging. more than usual actually. the then suddenly realised the sofa was wet. she'd wet herself. she still wouldnt move so i though my god, she's had a stroke or something. i ran Simon, my OH straight away, holding back the tears, and he came home from work straight away. Lily jumped to her feet imediately as soon as he entered the house and ran over to him - PHEWWWWWWWWWWW

this still doenst explain the sofa issue. i think she didnt move for me becuase she was paralized with fear, she thought she'd be told off for it perhaps? we adopted her 18 months ago and has issues with fear and is scared of raised voices and ladies that are about 50+ years old or people with sticks. anyway, she is right in the middle of a phantom pregnancy to i figure the wetness could also be milk. im not sure.

she slept fine last night, no wet bed and ate most of her breakfast. we'll see what she's like today and decided whether to take her to the vets.

hope she's ok. id be distraught if anything happened to her.... :-(

Didnt sleep that well because of worry for lily last night and the rain kept me up too.

feeling sleepy and slightly achy legs still from mondays road run.

Todays plan:

B 2 wholemeal toast, butter, orange juice

S muller rice

L wholemeal roll, ELF cheese spread

L 200g beans

S cadburys caramel

D 2 vege grills, cous cous

speed session training. last week burned 515 cals so hopefully tonight will be about the same.

really looking forward to it!


Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Day 5 - its going well so far

last nights club run went really well. opted for the 5 mile group which i knew were fast. kept up for 2 miles at about 8.4 m/m and then stuck with a lady a the back of the group. once we only had 1.5 miles to home i wanted to up my pace again so left the lady i was with and gave it my all!

a random hoody dressed all in black ran past me which took me by surpirse. i managed 5 miles 44 mins so am dead pleased with that especially with it being a monday evening, we all know how tired you can feel after your first day back at work after a lovely weekend!

stuck to my cals really well yesterday and am feeling a little trimmer today :-D

have had to have a little word with myself as i want to sneak onto the scales to see if ive had a loss but not allowing that until friday, my offical weigh in day just so (hopfully) i see a really good loss!!

not worked out food for today as yet. i know what id like, but im not running today and have worked out my gym membership ran out yesterday so i cant go and do weights. i dont have much money this month due to paying off our holiday with only one wage and my bonus being deducated from work (apparently having swine flu for 7 working days back in July means i dont deserve a bonus this month! bearing in mind ive not had 7 days off in the 6 years ive worked there).

anyway, ive got to come up with a workout plan from home tonight. am thinking something on the lines of a little circuit for myself.


60 second bursts

tri dips
tri dips

stretching lots, especially my calfs as they are a bit tight after my fast run yesterday.

= a fifteen minuite burst. not sure if thats enough or if i should tweek it. might ask on the boards of WLR later to see with others think/suggest...

Food for today: (1250 cals)

2 x wholemeal toast, butter
2 cracker things 26cals each
vege curry
muller rice
= 1172 cals
pasta, chicken, pesto, onion, cheese = 700
Total = 1872

So need to burn 622 in my exersice session tonight - ummmmmm. we, shall, see!!!

Monday, 5 October 2009

1st weekend of being extra good!


10 mile run complete! 95 mins so about 2 mins quicker than last week. really struggled with the first 3ish miles out got my second wind thankfully! this was another run without music in preperation for my HM where they arnt letting us have any music devises :-( (1195 cals from run, 200cals from spring cleaning house!)

Food for today wasnt very much to be honest. partly because i had an afternoon nap and missed lunch so compined lunch and dinner together at 3.30pm.

2x weetabix
rice cakes
chocolate coated rasins (yummmmmmmmm)
pasta, pesto, red onion, chicken, olive oil, cheece, rocket salad - delisious
1/4 healthy flapjack - really filled me up!
3 vodkas at friends house and dipped into a few of her crisps out on the side!

went to bed hungry but thought ill eat my uneaten cals on sunday


had a lie in - 9.30am - totally unhead of for me!!!!

planned a lazy day lounging around the house.

2 weetabix 10am

then walked to OH's mums house with dogs at 1pm which ment no lunchtime at home. craved bread. bought a chocolate bar from shop on our walk there was i was hank marvin.

dairy milk 1pm

walked home from OH's parents with dogs, tried to find a shop with bread but no luck - hufff

got home 4pm, STARVING. fancied the same tea as yesterday and so did OH so i did a bigger portion, about 100g of pasta each instead of 75g. loads of pesto too to eat up some of my cals!

ate that and watched a movie - the hangover - was well funny!

ate 4 mini sausage rolls and other 1/2 of flapjack with OH whilst watching movie.

was hungry again by 8pm but had a pint of milk with nesquick in - delicious and filling and low fat!


recon im still under on cals because of my long run but im gunna give myself an extra 150 per day until weigh in to make up for it. so about 1250 per day until friday and will decided what im doing next week then.

club run tonight, 5 fast miles hopfully. new route apparently too!!! gunna be weird running in the dark but i guess ill have to get used to it :o(

REALLY looking forward to lunch today as im really quite hungry already.

Today is as follows:

2 eggs
2 finger kitkat
tomato soup, granary roll, cheese spread
muller rice
rice cakes
brazil nuts
2 x vege grills, cous cous, tom ketchup and maybe colslaw as i have some cals to use up.

= 1732 eaten. under by about 200ish cals for day.