Friday, 9 October 2009

Day 8, weigh in

0.75lbs down, 0.5inch off wasit!

was hopeing more of a loss but a loss is a loss as they say! perhaps next weeks might be better? heres hopeing!!!!

nothing major to report today, walked to work and back as my exercise, 3 miles total.

slipped up at lunchtime as i was a bit peed off with my slow weight loss. was supposed to have covent garden soup and roll but had kitkat chuncky and double decker - WTF. why do i sabbotage myself???????????????????

well ive logged my food in diary and with tomorrows 11mile run im fine on calories just peed off with the amount of fat/crap i put into my body.

oh well, i did this last week and ended up comforting myself with a chinese, noodles and rice with sweet and sour sauce in the evening. but this week im making a yummy lasagne when i get in. that wil be tonights dinner and tomorrows as i make such a lovely big one. infact, ill take a picture of it and load it up on monday when im next at my computer.

anyway, im just rambelling now!!!!!!!

new 11 mile route to run tomorrow. ive been dreading it for days but right now im really looking forward to it. i wonder if its because ive promissed myself that im taking my mp3 with me to ease the pain!!

will log on monday exactly how my weekend pans out.

all good intensions though..............