Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Day 5 - its going well so far

last nights club run went really well. opted for the 5 mile group which i knew were fast. kept up for 2 miles at about 8.4 m/m and then stuck with a lady a the back of the group. once we only had 1.5 miles to home i wanted to up my pace again so left the lady i was with and gave it my all!

a random hoody dressed all in black ran past me which took me by surpirse. i managed 5 miles 44 mins so am dead pleased with that especially with it being a monday evening, we all know how tired you can feel after your first day back at work after a lovely weekend!

stuck to my cals really well yesterday and am feeling a little trimmer today :-D

have had to have a little word with myself as i want to sneak onto the scales to see if ive had a loss but not allowing that until friday, my offical weigh in day just so (hopfully) i see a really good loss!!

not worked out food for today as yet. i know what id like, but im not running today and have worked out my gym membership ran out yesterday so i cant go and do weights. i dont have much money this month due to paying off our holiday with only one wage and my bonus being deducated from work (apparently having swine flu for 7 working days back in July means i dont deserve a bonus this month! bearing in mind ive not had 7 days off in the 6 years ive worked there).

anyway, ive got to come up with a workout plan from home tonight. am thinking something on the lines of a little circuit for myself.


60 second bursts

tri dips
tri dips

stretching lots, especially my calfs as they are a bit tight after my fast run yesterday.

= a fifteen minuite burst. not sure if thats enough or if i should tweek it. might ask on the boards of WLR later to see with others think/suggest...

Food for today: (1250 cals)

2 x wholemeal toast, butter
2 cracker things 26cals each
vege curry
muller rice
= 1172 cals
pasta, chicken, pesto, onion, cheese = 700
Total = 1872

So need to burn 622 in my exersice session tonight - ummmmmm. we, shall, see!!!