Thursday, 1 October 2009


OK, no blogged for some time. kind of forgot really and was happy plodding along on my own with the help of WLR!

ive realised im 8 weeks (tomorrow) away from a fabulous holiday to the maldives and i DO NOT want to feel consious in my bikini or another other form of clothing on holiday.

10lbs in 8 weeks is my goal

Ive been working out really hard over the past few months, mainly focusing on running and weight training. recently indroduced swimming as id like to get stronger at that incase we decided to scuba dive on holiday! and i took a spin last class week which i really quite enjoyed as its been a few months since i done it.

i figure its totally got to be my diet thats wrong and not my exercise. i cant really change my exercise right now anyway as i have a half marathon in 25 days to complete and im generally doing about 20 miles running per week at the moment.

starting from weigh in tomorrow (friday) im going to make sure i have fruit and vege every day. a chocolate bar only 3 times per week (instead of 3 times per day LOL) and generally eat less fatty crap. good fats are fine obv but not the bad fats ive gotten stuck on recently.

ill also start listing on here my daily foods to i can really keep an eye on myself. infact im going to list todays food just to shock myself and prob you guys even more!!!:

3 weetabix, semi milk, 1/2 teaspoon sugar, 1/2 pint orange juice
heinz ravioli, 10g cheese
dairy milk
chicken, lettice mayo granary bagette
chicken, peppers, onions, olive oil
nesquik milkshake, semi milk

= 2200 cals, 1400+800ex. upper body weights, abs, then spin class + dog walk 1hour this am.

i need to switch my choc for nuts again and yoghurts and grapes. i just need to organise myself. tomorrow lunchtime i will stock up on good foods to have in my desk, ready to hand.

roll on tomorrow and the start of me becoming lean!!!