Wednesday, 14 October 2009

all is well, Day 13 of 56

missed blogging for days 9 - 12 but all is going well

Saturday i ate out for my lunch with family. chose a club sandwich, chicken and bacon, it came with chips. i was starving after my 11 mile run, without fuel (bad girl i know) but within two bites i was stuffed. i ate about 50% of the chips and 3 sandwiches and gave the forth away to my mum!

sunday was a DISASTER. I had a major blow out session all day long. i dont know why but it happened am im over it now. i logged every single calorie on WLR and i havent been clawing back the 3000ish cals but i have been lowering my fat all week to try and even it all out and doing a good job so far. fat percentage for week so far is 34% with one day left to claw back a little more!

off the top of my head i think i had about 120g of fat in one day - shocking i know!! but thats donuts, flapjack, toblerone 200g for you. BAD BAD STUFF.

MONDAY, then brought a new day and a line drawn under the badness. i felt crap in the monring because of my 'sugar hangover' but i reminded myself of my goal and even though i blew one day it didnt mean i had to blow the whole week =)

i looked at my food and planned three days ahead with very similar food each day. its gone sooo well so far and im feeling good right now three days after. this is the first week in ages ive felt like im on a diet, but thats good i feel as it means im not sneeking the odd bar of brown stuff in -just because ive ran 6 miles doesnt mean i can have a kitkat chunky!!

monday - weds have consisted of:

2 weetabix
ski yoghurt
oat bar
soup, bread roll
custard pot
jacket pot with beans (no cheese - get me being good!!)
oat bar

Day 13;
i bought some running tights today which are needed for my HM next week. They've got those high vis stripes on to help people spot me on my dark morning/evening runs and a VERY pink high vis long sleeved top - im gunna look soooooooo pretty in them. the tights are awful and my thighs are HUGE in them, the top fits nice and slightly loose to compensate on the extra tight bottom half!! ill be training in them tonight so might get OH to take a picture just so i can laugh at myself in them tomorrow when i load the picture LOL