Thursday, 8 October 2009

day 7 - my 1st week recap

1. ive felt good and happy this week.

2. struggled to get out of bed most mornings, think its gunna be hard getting used to the dark again

3. been bored of my breakfasts, crappy toast, i never have toast but this week its all ive had as i havnet had any weetabix in or porrdige or many eggs - must food shop at lunchtime or this evening

4. really enjoyed having pasta back in my diet

5. not pigged on or craved chocolate. yes ive had a bar or two but all under control and no binges.

6. payed off holiday in full - whoooop. a big weight off my shoulders!!!

7. not done any form of weight training and ive REALLY missed it.

8. not walked the dogs as much, actually at all apart from tuesday - ooops. ill correct that next week. well, from tomorrow morning actually!

9. arragned to go for a lovely lunch with my sister, mum and niece and nephew on saturday

10. managed to fit in all planned runs but legs are telling me off right now. could do with a sports massage really but ill try and hold out until the week f 19th oct just before my HM


Thursdays plan:

toast, butter
muller rice
chicken and vege soup, roll
pasta, pesto, onions, corgettes, cheese

1100+ 40 min swim = 1500

1600 cals eaten but not worried about being over by 100 cals or so. its still less than i was eating over the past few months.

Weigh-in tomorrow and looking forard to a decent loss. i definately feel lighter.....!