Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Day 6, unmotivated at work

last night i went off the rails!!!!!!!!!!!!! not food wise, that was fine and delicious! i skipped a training session!!!!!!!!! that is soooooo not like me! and i didnt feel guilty and i still dont LOL :-p

had a lovely evening vegein on the sofa with my poochies but about 9pm i could tell Lily wanted to come over to me for a cuddle but she couldnt seem to pick herself up. i imediately knew something was wrong. i stood up and tried to persuade her over to me and she still wouldnt move. I panicked and didnt know what to do. so i picked her up (such a lump - 25KG ish) and placed her on the floor. her tail was wagging. more than usual actually. the then suddenly realised the sofa was wet. she'd wet herself. she still wouldnt move so i though my god, she's had a stroke or something. i ran Simon, my OH straight away, holding back the tears, and he came home from work straight away. Lily jumped to her feet imediately as soon as he entered the house and ran over to him - PHEWWWWWWWWWWW

this still doenst explain the sofa issue. i think she didnt move for me becuase she was paralized with fear, she thought she'd be told off for it perhaps? we adopted her 18 months ago and has issues with fear and is scared of raised voices and ladies that are about 50+ years old or people with sticks. anyway, she is right in the middle of a phantom pregnancy to i figure the wetness could also be milk. im not sure.

she slept fine last night, no wet bed and ate most of her breakfast. we'll see what she's like today and decided whether to take her to the vets.

hope she's ok. id be distraught if anything happened to her.... :-(

Didnt sleep that well because of worry for lily last night and the rain kept me up too.

feeling sleepy and slightly achy legs still from mondays road run.

Todays plan:

B 2 wholemeal toast, butter, orange juice

S muller rice

L wholemeal roll, ELF cheese spread

L 200g beans

S cadburys caramel

D 2 vege grills, cous cous

speed session training. last week burned 515 cals so hopefully tonight will be about the same.

really looking forward to it!