Thursday, 20 August 2009

Count Down

I was checking my calendar today. Im surpirsed to find out the following:

1. only 4 weeks until my 2nd 10K
2. after that only 5 weeks until my 1st Half Marathon
3. and best of all, after that only 5 weeks until 2 weeks in the Maldives with my lover!!

SOOOOO excited about all these things. best of all the holiday!!!

The scary thing is that really isnt many weeks to get to a stone off. considering how slow my loss is going. perhaps ill tweek my food choices soon. eat more cleanly. am great at clean eating for snacks, evening meals and most breakfasts but i am having a bar of dairy milk every day recently out of habbit now i dont ever crave it.. oh well, ill see how weigh in and pictures go tomorrow - thats right its picture time - arghhhhhhh!!!

also, if anyone reads this i think i might of deleted the option for people to leave a comment (dont ask me how) if you have any ideas as to fix this problem id be very grateful. you can either leave a comment on a post below that allows it or mail me at or im BIGBUM on WLR site. Thanks again.

Tuesday, 18 August 2009

my poochies!

Lily Snoopy

not alot to report today health and fitness wise. 2nd HIIT tonight and ill do some random heavy free weights tongight before the HIIT. not looking forward to it and will have to drag myself there - just not in the mood. i know i will be as soon as i put my MP3 player on though LOL

had lovely walk with dogs and OH last night, Snoop was very fast running and walking on her walk which was unusual. we thought she looked slimmer too so we weighed them both when we got home. Snoop has lost 2kgs in about four months!!! god knows how but its happened and Lily has gained over 3kgs. we are totally in shock! they get fed and walked exactly the same. Lily however is going through a phantom pregnancy at the moment. terrible for her. we want to get her spayed but its all about timing and of course money. she was booked into be spayed on friday but as she's showing signs of a phantom we dont want to mess with her head right now.

here are some pictures of them for you all to see!

Monday, 17 August 2009

oops - missed workouts!

sat HIIT - never happened
sun long run - also never happened

sat was due to lack of organisation. up early, well 8am, food shop, then clean house, mum came around 11am, went window shopping and lunch, home for 2.30, drop OH at his friends which is a good 40 mins there and back, then went to see my pregnant friend (not seen her in 3 weeks), then home to feed dogs at 6pm, then crash on sofa as i was soooooo tired! i did think of a HIIT session sat evening but my sofa was just too comfy!!

sundays excuss was a major bust up with OH. he didnt come home until 5.30am. i wasnt impressed. was woke at 2.30am and then i cant sleep until i know he's home safe. i did ring and chase him home but at 3am he said he'd be back in a min but at 5.30 or just before that he came home! - needless to say i was fumming and rowed with him from 9am - 12pm then i had to get the house sorted for visitors coming for a roast dinner. they didnt leave until 5pm and by that time i was soooo tired from only 2 hours sleep. i didnt even make my yoga class at 5.30. i under ate this day too. only ate my roast dinner and two crumpets with butter for an evening snack.

Monday: A better day so far. a killer 3 mile run, struggled with my breathing again. tried to push myself as i wanted a 27 min 3 miles as thats my fastest time so far so wanted to get that or beat it. i managed 27mins 32 secs so almost!!!! ill do another 'hard' run like that on friday morning before weigh in i think. ill concentrate on milage again for rest of the week as im down on my pledge on the runners board.

only done 20 miles out of 70 for august. having swine flu has put me back so im noting here what my plan of action is to regain some lost miles:

mon 3 miles+body pump
tues HIIT
weds 6 miles
thurs rest
fri 3 miles hard
sat not sure
sun - 10 miles

Equals 41 miles by Sundays run. So 29 miles to cram in in 8 days. thats gunna be tough next week!!

Friday, 14 August 2009

4lbs lost and vile running club!

**** ****

4lbs lost this week - wooop! thats just the gain had last week gone - phew! back on track and i WILL reach the 10's next week.


**** ****

now onto fitness. my first session at a running club. well, it was torcher. absolute torcher.

i was in the 'slow' group. goodness only knows what the fast group was like. my group were like whippets. recon they must of done 7/8 min miles. im a 9/10 min mile girl on longer distances. needsless to say thay had to wait for me on occassions. i felt awful. i pushed myself to the max for the first 20 mins and stick with them or there abouts. but then i had to take my own pace. my HR was 185 constantly and i was weezing and coughing as my chest is still tight from the flu last week. i dropped back on pace and still never felt comfortable and HR still stayed higher than norm 177 usually about 165 when im comfortably podding along!

*** 6 miles, hilly, 57mins and 736 cals ***

im very put off running clubs now but i know not all of them out there are like this one. they were called amature atheletes - more like atheletes LOL

butt is aching like mad today and i never get butt ache so must of done me some good! also, i didnt sleep well last night at all. my legs were aching like mad all night long and my mind was racing. when i did get to sleep i drempt about running!

Yoga tonight - heres hopeing for a more relaxing experience!

Thursday, 13 August 2009

Loving Yoga and new snack!

chargrilled vegs from M&S 235cals, 2.0fat, 8.0prot
well i eneded up doing a spin class followed by yoga last night instead of just yoga. long story short there was an 'accident' with a kitkat chunky so i wanted to burn that off!!!!
it's amazing, my spin class which was for 37mins (stopwatch on HRM) and 1 hour of Yoga earned me 820 cals.!!! Yoga was very strong last night. my poor old thighs got a right burning session out of it! legs are fine today but my lower and upper back aches slightly. i think it was from the camel posture. my back doesnt seem to like that one much! (bending over backwards from a kneeling possition to touch your heals with your head. - not that i could get my head down that far LOL)
ive had to be careful with food today. i have running club and need to be there at 6.30pm so straight from work. so ive had a massive baked potato with cheese and beans for lunch and i have my 'tea' to have at 5pm before i leave work and thats just a chargrilled vegetable flatbread which ive never had from m&s before.
im still nervous about my first run with the new running club but i shall report back tomorrow to log how i got on! i think its going to be TOUGH!! will try and take a picture of me after the run as i recon its going to be a funny red faced one LOL
also, its picture time again tomorrow. there wont be a weight loss to report and as far as i can tell no inchloss either, but ill take them anyway as i know other people get great changes/photos with little/no losses so there is still hope for me!

Wednesday, 12 August 2009


my first session of HIIT done! wow - what a killer! i only managed 15 mins total. walking at 6.0km and sprinting at 13km for 60 seconds each. i didnt feel i could do another set, perhaps i ran too fast? perhaps my legs still ached from sundays 9 mile run? i did hate looking at the time all the time but it did pass fairly quickly and my heart rate was at about 178 when i checked it. although i have got my heart rate higher than that before so maybe i wasnt working as hard as i could?? not sure....

all i know is next time I WILL make that full 20 mins. just to prove to myself that i can! once ive done maybe 2 sessions at those paces i will tweek them a bit, perhaps jog instead of walk or up the sprinting and still walk inbetween.

yoga tonight and then dreaded new running club thursday night!!!

Tuesday, 11 August 2009

back after the dreaded swine flu!

30/7 - 07/08 = off work sick with swine flu. ate and ate and ate whilst at home. i was starving all the time. ate lots of white bread, well a loaf within 7 days and a chocolate bar every day. it made me feel better honest. I weighed myself on the friday after 7 days of slobbing about and had gained a whopping 4lbs 3/4. i was shocked. i presume its not a true weight gain as i ate 2000cals per day without exercise so expected a possible slight gain.

never mind. today, tuesday is the first day back on track. well, actually sunday was a good day cals and exercise wise. i did my first run in 11or12 days and did NINE MILES!! was very chuffed with myself. i just did the same three mile loop three times over. it really worked for me. i loved every second apart from the first 3 miles - they were a killer!!

1150 cals earned and ate with a few banked and will go unused due to the massive gain!

i've decided today that im going to start HIIT training once or twice a week. my first one is tonight. will set the machine for 20 mins. walk at 6.0km and sprint at 13k for 60 seconds each. ill then do ab work and will massage the achy muscles on the powerplate!

also, i started Hatha Yoga - done two classes so far and i was suprised to see i burned 340 cals in a hour. i did get very hot and sweaty at times. am pleased i have my HRM to calculate it for me!

also, my friend has talked me into a running club. she started last week and my first session is on thursday evening. im scared stiff. apparently they are all super skinny and super fit. im going to look like a right fat pig next to them. just hope i can keep up and not show myself up!!!

MY NEW ROUTINE for the next 4 weeks:

TUES -HIIT + abs + powerplate
WEDS - yoga or circuits or rest
THURS - running club 5/6 miles ish
FRI - HIIT + yoga
SAT - circuit training or spin or rest
SUN- minimum 9 mile run + yoga