Wednesday, 29 July 2009

ouch (still!)

3 miler done this am. took it easy. had to drag myself out of bed kicking and screaming. i didnt want to go out and do it at all. this vile weather these past few weeks have been really getting me down with my running. am thinking of introducing a couple of gym runs in per week just to get out of this vile weather and so i can run without a massive rain coat on - its a small size but way to big on me :o( ill take a pic actually for this bog - i look stupid in it LOL

my calfs were pulling slightly throughout and as a result my time was:

3 miles, 30mins 30seconds. not dredfully slow but a good minute per mile down compaired to last week!

rest day tomorrow (YES!) and back on it friday am, sat and sunday with another rest on monday - hurrah!!

im a hungry bunny today. food as planned:

2 crumpets + butter
6 brzail nuts
vege curry
muller rice (havnet had one in months - sooo looking forward to it!)
chicken, peppers, onions, oilve oil, fijita mix
nesquik milkshake

Cals = 1858
Under cals by = 127

Tuesday, 28 July 2009


i have calf ache today! i always suffer with calf pain when doing Body Attack. they cant seem to cope with that ontop of my running!

Sundays run had to be cut short by 2 miles as the route id planned was unsuitable. there were no pavements for me to run along and dangerous Z roads zig zagging along country roads - oooops!

never mind, i got some milage on the legs and still did a 5 miler, 600 cal run. altough i could of done with the next 200 ish cals that the longer run would of burned due to having a slight 'accident' with a chocolate and vanilla tescos cheese cake on sunday evening after my run annd after my big night out the day before. i think i may possibly be over on cals this week by approx 1000 and i havnet done that in months so am feeling a little bit lost. im thinking of clawing 300 back today and tomorrow and wednesday IF i can and IF i cant then what the hell, its only one bad week in the grand scheme of things. im so much more relaxed about my food and exerscie since holiday and i feel healthier for it. i dont like gettting obesssive or negagive towards things so i think its good. well, i say that, just wait until weigh-in day on friday - arghhhhh!!

im going to log each day this week more info on my workouts.

MONDAY BODY ATTACK: 52 mins, 450 cals

I found the class boring, the instructor boring and my HRM told me we'd only worked out for 52 mins so she must of stipped a track???? as i dont do that class often i dont know but i do know i wont do it for a while again. the lady that instructs it is just SUCH a bore. im going to schedual in a combat class next tuesday instead. my calves began to kill me after about 4/5 tracks and are alittle tender the following day. on the plus side i can feel my outter thigh/butt has been worked - GOOD TIMES! OH and the abs track i found hard. also, whats with all the tricep pushups??????????

Friday, 24 July 2009



2 1/4 OFF

my biggest loss so far!

things i done different this week:

* ate 100 cals more a day so 1500 + ex
* ate chocolate three days on the trot
* ate potatoes and cheese twice
* no heavey weight sessions at all, just running and circuit training (so light ish weights 5kg per arm)

im going to stick to 1500+ex this week but try not to have the chocolate as much as i find the more i have the more i want and i dont want to be relying on it again and only going for a run to burn the bad stuff off if that make sence.

i have a hen weekend tomorrow and will be fairly good whist im there. ill defo make the correct food choices in the restaurant and am going to allow myself 500cals on booze so about 6 vodkas and then im done. im looking forward to the hotel breakfast the following morning and again i know ill be good as i have a 7 mile run that afternoon so dont want anything heavy on my stomach so ill prob choose some porrdige, fruit and i might have a croissant if they have any. actually ill definately be having a croissant - ROLL ON SUNDAY MORNING. never mind the hen night, roll on the croissant dribble dribble LOL

Whilst i remember my 3 miler today was tough, heavy led legs in the last mile. but enjoyable other than that. i didnt have my music on today as i couldnt find my mp3! 29mins 45 secs

Thursday, 23 July 2009

naughty me..

.. well i havent blogged since my 'emotional' day on tuesday!

i didnt really turn to the chocolate like i used to and thought i would. although it might sound bad to some i had 2 rice crispie squares bars and a dairy milk. it really hit the spot, i didnt feel guilty at all either which is what used to lead to more binging/pigging out!

i got home that evening and my chicken that i took out of the freezer wasnt defrosted. it nearly tipped me over the edge but i stuck my trainers on and took my anger out on the pavements. and it got me a record breaking 3 mile run in 26 mins - whoooopp!!! i wont be aiming for that on every 3miler but it'll do once a week! i had fish fingers that night instead!

WEDNESDAY 22nd July.
was another emotional day, basically the tilers are still in doing our floor, house is a mess, dogs cant walk on the floor so have to carry them out and walk them each time they need the loo etc - sooo annoying but the end is in sight. after a terrible row with OH i went out to work thinking of chocolate again. lunchtime came and i had another dairy milk, just one and it hit the spot and no cravings etc to have anymore. sorted! got home that evening and me and OH made up!! i dropped him at work an then went circuit training. havent done that in weeks and boy did i miss it! im now going ensure every wednesday i schedual as a circuit training night at least for the next month and see how the weightloss/inch loss is going.

feeling churpy today and looking forward to my new three mile route this evening before tea. im having egg chips and beans tonight - soooooooo looking forward to it. dribble dribble! i accidentally had a sneaky peak at the scales last night and they've gone down since last week so fingers crossed for tomorrow.....i feel i may of lost an inch or so this week, tummy has gone down and legs look better but im not going to measure as i vowed to do it every four weeks so ill wait another week or two and should then have some fabulous results to report!

only 4 weeks until i need to do picutre updates - really need to pull my finger out of my arse and eat a bit cleaner really....

Tuesday, 21 July 2009


im having a stressed and i need chocolate day :-(
havent had one of these in ages. im wondering if its something to do with my higher carb day yesterday???

long story short. fitted kitchen installed this time last year. final job to complete was tiling the floor. we havnet had the money for this until now due to my boyfriend either spending the saveings, me booking holidays etc etc. well today is the day it gets done!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

im very excited but feel stressed out too. all appliances etc have to be moved out of the dining room, kitchen and hall way. 30square meters in total so alot of tiles hanging around the house waiting to be used. i have no idea if ill have a cooker to cook my tea tonight and the microwave broke last month and we havent bothered to replace it as yet...

dogs couldnt go in the garden this am due to not being able to walk on the cleaned and de-greased floor so i had to walk them in the rain which they and i hate. they are in the living room all day today which is a treat for them as they are usually in the hall under the stairs. im worried Snoop might need a number 2 whilst in there as she didnt have one this am!!! arghhhh

Mr Bigbum is in bed trying to sleep as he's on nights this week so i just know when i get home this evening he will either be high as a kite as he'll be impressed with the floor or he'll be miserable as sin because he couldnt sleep because of the noise!

the weather is dull and depressing and i could honestly of grabbed for some chocolate at 9am had it of been nearby.

also, i have no idea when i can do my run today. i would usually get home an go straight out but the tiler might be there and i might need to chat to him etc first. plus my kit needs ironing and the iron and board have been barricaded in with all the tables, chairs etc in our back room.

now im making excuses and its SOOOOOOOO not like me.

lunchtime in a minute. i hope i dont binge, this is what i used to do when feeling like this. im allowing myself 1 rice krispies square bar as my treat to get me through my stresed out mood, but im also thinking of a dairy milk - arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

ill update later and log how i got on....

Monday, 20 July 2009

Week 2 HM training

i really enjoyed getting back into the swing of things last week. i did all my runs as planned but didnt really enjoy them. it poored with rain on thursdays run and again on sundays run. my trainers from thursday took 3 days to dry LOL

my six miler yesterday went smoothly as and usual my last two miles flew by and i had my running legs so i felt i could of gone on for a few more miles but i stopped myself as i dont want to overdo things and stick religiously to my plan!

i ate a fair bit yesterday but i did have 2200 cals to consume. LOVELY!!!! had things like:
eggs, beans, toast,
vege grills, vegies and rice
crumpets and butter,
10 cadburys fingers and a 2 scoops of dairy milk ice cream!!

Food for today is nice but quite average but my content of carbs/protein isnt great:

Percent Calories From:
Carbohydrate (52.2%)
Protein (16.1%)
Fat (31.6%)
Alcohol (0%)

1663 cals

MUST try harder tomorrow. i'd like my carbs and protein to be as equal as possible but as you can see im far from that today!!!

Workouts for this week:

M rest (walk to and from work, 2 miles)
T 3 mile hard run in gym
W circuit training (looking forward to this!)
T 3 mile quality run
F 3 mile easy run
S rest day (hen weekend in cardiff bay)
S 7 mile long run - think this might actually kill me doing this after a night on the tiles!

EQUALS = 16 miles

Friday, 17 July 2009


well, weigh-in day today. i gained 1 3/4lbs in two weeks.

im slightly shocked but not dissapointed as i know how to loose the weight. eat right, train hard and it will happen!

today is friday so a fresh start.

todays food is yummy especially my chicken chassur and vege tonight - yummmmm

my run last night was WET WET WET. it was raining fairly hard when i left the house but it got progressively worse as the minutes went by! by the time i got home i was soaked through to my nickers LOL i stripped off as soon as i got through the front door, the dogs came over to me in their usual excitable way but soon ran away from me when i dripped all over them - they hate water! snoopy ran off with a wet sock too which she thoroughly enjoyed sucking on for five mins or so - very gross i know!!!

Stats for today:

Carbohydrate (44.4%)
Protein (27.3%)
Fat (28.4%)
Alcohol (0%)

1750 cals, 1400 + 300 from walking to and from work - used HRM

really looking forward to the cimena tonight and spending time with my boyfriend (hes been on nights all week and i was away last week so 2 weeks without seeing each other properly!)

i have 9 miles to run over this weekend, one 3 miler and one 6 miler. i never usually run on consecutive days but my training plan from ironbridge runner says to do this so ill give it a shot. if i find on monday my legs are battered i might change my saturday shorter run to a day in the week, possible a friday monring before weigh-in. we shall see....

Thursday, 16 July 2009

im sooo tired today. ibiza is becoming a distant memory but the effects of little sleep over 7 days is still on going!

i thought i was having a higher carb day today as im having pasta for lunch. i have a run this evening and have planed to have carb based lunches and protein based dinners on days that i train. however, my stats below reflect a different story. my high fat content is from some pesto, olive oil and a little cheese that im eating so not too bothered that the figure is too high just for one day (and its all good fats right!?!):

Percent Calories From:
Carbohydrate (32.5%)
Protein (27.8%)
Fat (39.7%)
Alcohol (0%)

EDIT: (changed my lunch from pasta to a potato and beans as i didnt fancy my pasta in the end!)

Percent Calories From:
Carbohydrate (43.1%)
Protein (26.4%)
Fat (30.5%)
Alcohol (0%)

im really looking forward to my run tonight however i need to go onto soon and plan out some different routes as my three mile route is getting quite tedious!

i have a new dance albem to listen to night which im really looking forward to listening to! i love to run to new music every few weeks - it keeps me going and often makes me faster - result!

im off to the cinema tomorrow night to watch the new bruno movie and im planning on treating myself to a strawberry cornetto - at only 180 cals i think its worth it and as simon will be sat there with a BIG bag of M&M's i need something to keep my mind off those. luckily he'll polish them off within 15 mins so i wont have to be dribbling over them for hours whilst watching the movie!

feeling bloated today but i have had cheesy beans on toast for my last two lunches this week which i know is the culprit! ill have it occasionally but twice in a row was a bit much for my poor tummy - its huge today LOL

weigh-in tomorrow - arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

Wednesday, 15 July 2009

bad pics of hols to help spur me on!

ok pics of holiday. some real shockers - my arms are HUGE and i have a bad case of back fat under the arm where the bra straps go!!! there are worse but they are on my friends camera - ill get hold of them soon and post them!!

Back from Hols!

i had a ball in ibiza! danced all night and lazyed around catching some rays during the day. only downside was the lack of sleep and im paying for it now!!!

my food out there was delicious. lots of grilled chicken with salad and fijitas (without all the wraps and sour cream etc). i have to say it was sooo easy making healthy food choices out there. i had a few baked potatoes with cheese too which were just yummy!

each day id have an ice cream for my lunch too but i didnt feel once that id over ate or been really bad so im very pleased with myself! im hoping on my friday weigh in that i havent acutally done any damage or maybe even lost half a pound maybe!?! we shall see!

right, from today and every week day from now on i pledge to log my intake of carbs etc for the day. so here is todays log:

Percent Calories From:
Carbohydrate (44.3%)
Protein (21.9%)
Fat (33.8%)
Alcohol (0%)

No exercise planned for today as im sticking religiously to my 16 week beginners half marathon training plan, courtisy of IRONBRIDGERUNNER.COM i will add some more weight into the programme but my arms have really bulked and its very noticeable in my holiday pictures so im giving them a rest for a few weeks until ive burned some more fat.

This weeks workouts are as follows:

M - spin + leg weights
T - 3 mile run
W - rest
T - 3 mile run + leg weights
F - rest
S - 3 mile run
S - 6 mile run

Friday, 3 July 2009

weigh-in today. i stayed the same. a little bit dissapointed but not going to let it get me down.

i measured myself today and i've lost 1inch from under my bust so im pleased with that! i thought my back looked less porky in my pictures yesterday which is why i remembered to measure there this morning.

ive been finding im measuring myself each friday and ive not been getting any changes for 3 weeks or so. so as its a new week starting from today and as im on holiday from tomorrow i can no long daily weigh (bad i know) but im starting a fresh. only weighing on a Friday am and only measuring every 3 weeks.

according to my WLR fat percentage (not sure how accurate this is) but im 0.9% away from being in the normal fat percentace range.

am currently 33.9% - i was a shocking 38.9% in Jan 09!

ive still no idea what weight i want to be ideally or what fat percentage id like to be.

im giving myself a goal though of 8lbs off before my next 10K race on 20/09/09 - thats 10 weeks after holiday - i do hope this is doable ! i recon it will help improve my time in the race too having less podge to carry around!

im in holiday mode as of this morning, just one day left at work and thats me done for NINE WHOLE DAYS! WHOOP!!!!

exercise on holiday will include:

lifting cocktails and
crawling home at stupid o'clock in the morning!

im dreaing my first run back after holiday, think ill keep it to a short 3 miler and not worry about my time for a week or two until my fitness is back!

one last body blitz tomorrow morning of circuit training and weights session after then home to clean the house, have a power nap and then off to the airport for me!

Thursday, 2 July 2009