Monday, 5 October 2009

1st weekend of being extra good!


10 mile run complete! 95 mins so about 2 mins quicker than last week. really struggled with the first 3ish miles out got my second wind thankfully! this was another run without music in preperation for my HM where they arnt letting us have any music devises :-( (1195 cals from run, 200cals from spring cleaning house!)

Food for today wasnt very much to be honest. partly because i had an afternoon nap and missed lunch so compined lunch and dinner together at 3.30pm.

2x weetabix
rice cakes
chocolate coated rasins (yummmmmmmmm)
pasta, pesto, red onion, chicken, olive oil, cheece, rocket salad - delisious
1/4 healthy flapjack - really filled me up!
3 vodkas at friends house and dipped into a few of her crisps out on the side!

went to bed hungry but thought ill eat my uneaten cals on sunday


had a lie in - 9.30am - totally unhead of for me!!!!

planned a lazy day lounging around the house.

2 weetabix 10am

then walked to OH's mums house with dogs at 1pm which ment no lunchtime at home. craved bread. bought a chocolate bar from shop on our walk there was i was hank marvin.

dairy milk 1pm

walked home from OH's parents with dogs, tried to find a shop with bread but no luck - hufff

got home 4pm, STARVING. fancied the same tea as yesterday and so did OH so i did a bigger portion, about 100g of pasta each instead of 75g. loads of pesto too to eat up some of my cals!

ate that and watched a movie - the hangover - was well funny!

ate 4 mini sausage rolls and other 1/2 of flapjack with OH whilst watching movie.

was hungry again by 8pm but had a pint of milk with nesquick in - delicious and filling and low fat!


recon im still under on cals because of my long run but im gunna give myself an extra 150 per day until weigh in to make up for it. so about 1250 per day until friday and will decided what im doing next week then.

club run tonight, 5 fast miles hopfully. new route apparently too!!! gunna be weird running in the dark but i guess ill have to get used to it :o(

REALLY looking forward to lunch today as im really quite hungry already.

Today is as follows:

2 eggs
2 finger kitkat
tomato soup, granary roll, cheese spread
muller rice
rice cakes
brazil nuts
2 x vege grills, cous cous, tom ketchup and maybe colslaw as i have some cals to use up.

= 1732 eaten. under by about 200ish cals for day.